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Your bedroom is likely your innermost sanctum, a place that’s yours alone, and where only the chosen few may enter. Of course, taking the place-of-pride is the holiest of holies, your bed, a place where dreams are made, and on occasion memories. After all, it’s the place where you spend at least a third of your life!

Now, what’s a bed to do for the remaining two thirds of each day when it’s standing vacant? You can simply make your bed in the morning, or you can go all out and style your bed like a pro! Before you know it, your bed will be the cover feature in a home decor magazine and have its own Instagram account.

“But hang on a minute,” you may think. “Do you really think I have the time to arrange dozens of pillows, a bedspread, and a throw every morning?” Well, maybe a very elaborate way of styling your bed isn’t a practical everyday exercise for your main bedroom then. But then get to playing if you have a guest bedroom that is seldomly used. It can serve as a wonderful canvas for you to unleash your inner magazine stylist!

Upholstered Linen Bed FramesEasy Bed Styling Tips

There are two schools of thought on how to style your bedroom. There’s the minimalist, practical approach, where everything you put on your bed has a purpose. Nothing is just for show. The other approach is the one mentioned earlier, where you go all out for social media clout, or just your own visual delight.

The first approach is probably the most practical one for a bedroom that’s in use daily, while the second approach is probably best for a guest bedroom. But you do you! If you’re not fazed by rearranging a plethora of pillows daily, then let those pretty pillows multiply. But before we get carried away with pillow decorating ideas, let’s take a step back to view the big picture.

Deciding on a color scheme is a very good starting point for both minimalist and extravagant aesthetics. You could take inspiration from the existing color scheme of your room as a starting point. To keep things simple, try to limit the palette to a primary or “base” color with two or three accents to bring it to life.

Upholstered Linen Fabric Bed Frames

Fabulous Bedroom Linen Ideas

Instead of choosing the same color linens for your fitted sheet and flat sheet, mix it up. Choose the two most important colors in your palette. Then contrast that further with a different hue for your quilt cover. Next comes the pillow decor, which is where you have the opportunity to elevate your bed from furniture to art. A fluffy, comfortable sculpture, if you will – easily achieved if you’re decorating with faux fur pillows.  

A practical minimum amount of pillows could be, in the case of doubles, queens, and kings, two standard head pillows on each side. Put them in pillowcases matching the color of the fitted sheet and flat sheet, respectively. But why stop there? Augment the fluffiness factor with a few large European pillows. Aim to add enough to fill the width of the bed, which could be two or three. Finally, finish off your masterpiece with a few scatter cushions in assorted colors from your palette.

Now that the head of the bed is sorted, let’s address the rest. You can leave your bed largely as is if you like the look of your quilt covers. You can even opt for one with a reversible design to give you the option to change things up every now and then. But you can also choose to up your style with a very luxurious bedspread on top of the quilt– always a good option in winter too. Then, as a final touch, drape a classy throw over the foot of the bed. Choose a color from your palette that contrasts with the color of your bedspread or quilt cover – depending on what you have on top.

And there you have it. If you’ve come just for bedroom pillow ideas, hopefully you’ll leave with plenty of further inspiration for styling your bed. Sweet dreams!

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