4 Steps to Styling Your Living Room

The living room is an important space in any home – it connects loved ones, promotes relaxation and is ‘the face’ of your interior taste. It’s also great fun to style! Get started with these 4 simple steps to revamping your living area.

1. Decide on a color palette & style

Choosing a color palette can be a tricky task – after all, you will want to easily update your look as new trends emerge. The first place to start is to identify what your design style is – do you like a neutral scandi look, a rustic cottage feel, a classic layout or maybe an industrial touch? The simpler and cleaner the design style, the easier it is to incorporate color. If your base palette is full of neutrals like beige, grey and stone, you can add color through scatter cushions, throws and wall art. These colors will pop against the muted base color – think bright orange and teal. If you have opted for a more traditional or cottage feel with a mix of colors, think about adding interesting monochromes through graphic and geometric prints. The contrast between the classic colors and the stronger prints will modernize the space in just the right way.


2. Define your space

If you have an open floor space, try to make your room feel spacious by separating areas of use. Screens and dividers are a clever way to create a little more privacy, hide clutter and create different spaces in one room. Make sure the divider you choose fits the design style of your lounge – Scandi style living rooms will suit the Screens which is simple and has a pale wood look. A more modern or industrial look will be a great background for the Screen in a solid, contemporary black. Use the screen of your choice behind the sofa to separate the lounge from the kitchen or run it alongside the TV to cut the living room off from a bedroom in a bachelor pad.

3. Brighten up & accessorize

An easy way to add your personal stamp to your living space is through art and accessories. Start with statement lamps to add ambient lighting – the lamp will suit a modern look or even add a little contemporary feel to a more classic space. Floor lamps are also a great go-to for small spaces and color can be introduced to neutral rooms through bright or textured lamp shades.

Have fun with wall hangings – create a gallery wall with different sized frames and artwork styles collected together for a big impact. Another option is to keep it linear and simple by hanging three black and white prints side-by-side on a brightly painted feature wall. Alternatively, add texture to your walls through woven hangings or geometric.

Once your walls and lighting are sorted, bring in low-maintenance nature through lush artificial plants in a variety of planters.

 4. Finalise your look with soft touches

Rugs and scatters really soften a space and add warmth and comfort to any design style. Choose the right rug for your space by deciding how you want it to lie in relation to the sofa. An oversized rug that reaches underneath the sofa gives a luxurious feel, while a smaller rug beneath the coffee table can make a room feel slightly larger.

Play with shapes and designs and don’t be afraid to layer! A geometric rug with a plain color or a textured fluffy rug with a geometric rug in a bold color will work well together. Rugs can be used to create different space as well, they’re just so practical! Use rugs facing different directions (and in different materials) to separate spaces in an open-plan home.

Scatter cushions are a popular choice when it comes to home accessories because they can easily (and affordably) be swapped out to give your lounge a new look. Add a few cushions in different shapes, sizes, colors and prints to your sofa for a stylish look. Got too many? Store them in a woven basket along with extra throws next to the sofa for easy access to even more comfort!

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