Pink Sofa and Solid Wood TV Table,Dining Set and Coffee Table

The popularity of an open plan living space has not only changed the way modern homes are now built or renovated, but the way in which we find ourselves connecting with family and friends. With so many retailers now catering to this type of layout, its easy to get lost in the sea in choices and what pieces will help maximize your space.

So, pop on the kettle and let’s talk!


One of the biggest mistakes we can make in an open space is pushing all our furniture up against the walls, evidently leaving a giant empty space in the middle. This is a big no-no! So, let’s move them off the walls and start zoning.

Zoning is as simple as defining each area. This can be achieved by bigger items of furniture; sofa, dining table, even a rug. By strategically placing the furniture across your space, it tells not only household members, but guests how to interact and move within a space. If you’re not able to comfortably move dining chairs or move around, consider the size of the items you have and scaling down to a functional size.

Where rugs might not work, consider pendant lights to zone your dining space. This solution is usually better suited for larger spaces but with the right pendant anything is possible.

Wood Dining Set and Coffee Table, Grey 3-Person Sofa


Mixing up your colors and textures are always important considerations when putting together any space but let’s add on one more item to the list: shapes. This is key for making those with smaller spaces, where dining and living run alongside one another and space is a little tighter. Consider a rectangle dining table, paired with a round coffee table or visa-versa.


One of the main purposes of an open living is that is airy and uncluttered. A habit we can find ourselves falling back into is the need to fill every. bit. of. space. Embrace some of the negative space! By adding a feature mirror, either rested or mounted on a wall you can maximize your lighting and the appearance of a much larger area without it being invading.

At the end of the day this is a shared communal space, each area not only has to be complimentary to each other but serve a purpose. When looking at pieces to add to the space (excluding your Sofa and Dining Set) make sure they’re functional! For the hostess with the mostess, a bar cart is calling your name. Bar Cart’s aren’t just pretty and super handy for a quick martini, but free up a lot of storage. Buffets are great for apartments with small kitchens, and bookshelves are that multipurpose you can never go wrong.

Wood Side Table

Now you’ve got the tools for the job we’d love to see your before and after shots!

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