Grey Sofa and Wooden TV and Coffee Table and Wood Bed Frame,Earthy Tones Interior

The Plan

Before you start take a moment to look around the room in full detail. First thing you need to decide on is what you wish to keep and what you wish to replace. Gather up all items in your discarded pile and remove them from the room. Now you can start to visualize a new look. Consider color, textiles and any theme you may wish to explore, such as coastal, natural, bold or modern glam. Once you’ve decided on a direction, it can be helpful to create a visual representation either on a cork board or Pinterest to really help the vision come to life. By doing this you might be able to find solutions for those awkward corners or hidden storage ideas.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to start shopping!

Red and Yellow 2 person Sofa and Brown Tone Rug in Living RoomCushions

Scatter cushions not only provide comfort and but are a great way to liven up a tired old lounge. The material you choose can make a huge difference to the overall look. Glossy fabrics in rich colors are a great addition to luxe décor or opt for textured weave in neutral tones for a bohemian style. Don’t be afraid to feature a hero pillow with a fun print; such as animals, birds or scenes from nature. Mix and match with additional pillows or throw in complimentary colors, and your sofa makeover will be complete. The same theory can be applied to any bedroom for that seasonal change you’ve been looking for.


Mirrors can often be overlooked and yet can make a huge impact in a room. They can shed light into dark corners and open a room up by giving the appearance of space. There is a huge variety to choose from, such as those with ornate metal frames, to more traditional wooden framed varieties. Whether you have a small or large room to furnish, the addition of a mirror can act like artwork for your wall. Hang over the fireplace or sofa to add character and style to a room.

Woman Silhouette on Painting on Wooden Entryway Table Artwork & Ornaments

From the lounge-room, to the hallway, bedroom or dining room, well-chosen wall-art can add make an eye-catching design statement in a room and can pull a theme together. Whether you opt for abstract or real life photography, artwork can help showcase your own style, adding a personal touch to your interior. If wall space is limited or you’re looking for alternative ways to tie in your new aesthetic, consider trinkets, baskets, vases or candles to provide that missing piece.


Replacing outdated lamps with new can instantly update a room. Lamps can frame a sofa or bed by adding an elegant touch a-top a side table. A contemporary floor lamp can add eye-catching appeal to a room and sheds light down adding an ambient glow to a lounge-room or dining room, creating an inviting interior.


Plants are a wonderful way to add texture and depth to any home. Low-maintenance or faux indoor plants of various shapes and sizes can be used to fill out space. If table tops have limited space, plant stands come in handy for those random corners.

Grey Sofa and Wooden Bed Frame and Coffee TableRugs

A new rug can press ‘refresh’ on any room. When choosing a rug, it’s important to opt for a design that you not only love, but one which suits your home’s interior style – after all, a rug takes up a lot of visual as well as physical space in a room and so you have to love to live with it. Consider the weave, texture, color and style. To create comfort and warmth, opt for a luxurious thick piled weave. Rugs, like artwork, can often follow trends and so can give a tired interior a modern makeover. Trending now, are rugs with a natural weave. They add rustic charm to a room and can be co-ordinated with a variety of color schemes from neutrals to rich bolds. If you have a high-traffic household, it’s also important to consider rug maintenance. Modern fabrics such as polyester can be hardwearing and easy to maintain. Pick a color scheme and pattern that blends with your room and make sure you measure up the space before you buy.


If you are short on space, then a screen is a fantastic way to create a study or sleepover zone in your home. Classic or contemporary, bold or subtle, a pretty screen provides privacy and can hide away items best kept out of sight, whilst adding a touch of romantic whimsy to a room. Alternatively to a screen, consider using a bookcase to create a room divide and added storage options to your home.

Ideas & inspiration