Grey L shaped Sectional Sofa with Huge Windows and Glass Coffee Table and Side Table

While we all daydream of a home with high ceilings and wide, open-plan living areas, it’s often the case that we need to put a little more thought into how we arrange our spaces to get the most out of them. A few smart furniture choices (and a sprinkle of imagination) can go a long way towards creating a home that looks and feels spacious, no matter the size. Below we’ve got a small list of ideas to help the ball rolling with your next project.

Grey Linen Sofa and Natural Wood Bed Frame and Coffee Table in Small Living Room
Glass Top and Wooden Legs Dining Table and Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs

1. Light & Bright

Using a lighter shade of paint on your walls is your first step. By painting your walls white, it will reflect the natural light and can instantly open your small space. Using this technique can also blur the boundaries from adjoining walls and ceiling, essentially making it feel higher.

2. Create Flow

The last thing we want to do to a small space is crowd it with furniture. There needs to be an easy flow, from point A – B in the room. Along with a good feng shui, we need to raise the eye off the floor. This can be achieved by removing rugs and long drapes. If having these item is a nonnegotiable, swap out your loud design for something that is more subtle and light.

3. Mirrors

We can often find ourselves with a space with not a lot of light. One way to enhance this is by simply adding a mirror. Mirrors do so much more than showing you how fabulous you look. By reflecting the natural light of a room, it tricks the eye into perceiving there is more space. If the structure of the room allows, position your mirror near or opposite your window, so it acts as secondary window.

4. Furnish Wisely

By furnishing wisely, you can go big on your essential items (Sofa, Dining Table etc.) and then with your accessories think smaller and be more considered with your options. It really is a matter of decorating with restraint. Selecting pieces that don’t have bold patterns, dark and bulky. Consider materials such as glass or Lucite for your coffee table, or furniture with a mid-century modern twist: low and “leggy””.

Grey Sectional Sofa in Living Room with Big Windows

At the end of the day buying furniture with glass or reflective properties might be your best solution, especially those with little ones running around. As long as you manage to keep the space uncluttered, and bright as possible, you’ll be able to achieve your end goal.

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